Default filters

You can filter your Meetings inbox with a single click using our out-the-box Default filters. The Default filters available are My upcoming meetings, My meetings, My booking requests, and All meetings

NoteOnly one Default filter can be applied at a time.

Applying Default filters

  1. In the Meetings inbox, select a filter (Figure 1).
    Figure 1: Select a Default filterFigure 1: Select a default filter
  2. After you select your choice, the inbox will automatically update to show only relevant activities.

Types of Default filters

You can select from three different Default filters. Default filters cannot be renamed, deleted, or modified.

  • My upcoming meetings: This filter displays only scheduled, rescheduled, and canceled meetings with a date and time in the future, sorted by the meeting date. This allows you to focus on meetings that are coming up which you may need to prepare for, rather than meetings that have already happened. The current date is based on your time zone. 
  • My meetings: This filter displays all meetings booked on a Booking page for which you are the Owner, Editor, or Additional team member.
  • My booking requests: This filter only shows you booking requests that you need to approve. This filter lets you see which actions require responses on your part, all in the same place. 
  • All meetings: This filter displays all meetings within the OnceHub account for which you have the relevant permissions. Members see bookings from all pages where they are Owner, Editor, or an Additional team member in a panel. Admins see all bookings throughout the account. 

If you want to filter the activities in your Meetings inbox by other characteristics, you can select a filter from the predefined list of Advanced filter options, or use the Free text filter.

TipIf you often make use of a particular default filter with a specific combination of free text filters and advanced filters, you can save the entire combination as a custom filter. Learn more about creating custom filters

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