Creating custom filters

Your Activity stream is a central hub where you can view and manage all your activities. This includes Bookings, Session packages and Transactions, sorted by last updated.

Custom filters allow you to create and save a selection of filters for quick and convenient access. You can choose to save your unique free text filter, a collection of selected filters or both - enabling you to have predefined views. 

Custom filters that you have created and saved will only show up in your account. They are not shared with other Team members. When an activity is updated or a new activity is created, it will automatically be reflected in custom filters, if relevant.  

In this article, you will learn how to create custom filters from the Activity stream.

Saving filters

  1. There are two ways to create a custom filter. You can either:
    a. Apply your specific free text filters, a collection of selected advanced filters or a combination of both to the stream.
    b. Or,  you can select a default filter and then add additional free text or advanced filters. 

  2. To save the filter, simply click Save as and enter a name for your filter. 

    Figure 1: Filter applied in the stream

Accessing custom filters

To access a custom filter, simply hover over the left navigation bar and select the saved filter from the My filters list. This enables you to have predefined views in your stream. For example, you might want to quickly access all bookings created by a top prospect, or view all reassigned bookings (See Figure 2). Learn more about Booking reassignment 

Figure 2: Access saved filters

Figure 3: Custom filter action menu

Editing existing Custom filters

You can edit an existing custom filter by adding or removing filters and then clicking Save (see Figure 4).

You can also rename and delete the filter when relevant. In this case, you can rename your filter. To do so, simply select the action from the action menu. (See Figure 3)

Figure 4: Edit a custom filter

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