Common use cases for Users without a license

Any User who has not been assigned a license can still enjoy broad functionality of that product. Your organization can have as many Users without licenses assigned as you need, at no additional cost.

There are many advantages to retaining multiple Users without assigned licenses in your OnceHub account. This article reviews the primary use cases. 

Settings access

Configuring your account

You can designate one or more team members to act as technical admins by creating an Administrator User for them. They can access OnceHub and configure settings, preparing them for Users who will later be assigned a license and take bookings or live chat conversations. 

Updating settings

The same technical admins can stay in the account to update settings later and/or add more Users when necessary. This type of User is usually an Administrator User

You can also provide a User profile to assistants, who will be able to update your date-specific availability, contact info, social media links, and other public-facing content. This type of User is usually a Member User, without access to billing or advanced organizational settings.

Maintaining CRM connection

An Administrator must stay connected to Salesforce or Infusionsoft to maintain the account's connection with the CRM. However, this Administrator does not need an assigned license. 

Subscribing to notifications

You may have team members who don't take bookings or live chat conversations but want to stay up-to-date on activity relevant to their team. This could be a manager, assistant, or collaborator. 

You can assign them as an Editor of a specific Booking page. This access allows them to subscribe to email and SMS notifications for all bookings scheduled through that Booking page.

Seasonal bookings or live chat conversations

If a team member only takes bookings or live chat conversations seasonally and you wish to recycle their license, reassigning it to someone else, you can do so without deleting their Booking page or User profile. 

Once you unassign their license, you can assign that license to someone else. For bookings, you can reassign that Booking page's ownership to another User (by default, OnceHub automatically disables any Booking pages they own when you unassign their license).

For seasonal scheduled meetings Users, the original User's Booking page(s) and User profile will stay in your account, ready for when you need to enable them again. If the User is reassigned a license, and they've stayed the Owner of their Booking page(s), there's no need for the Administrator to update the Booking page ownership again. The page will simply be ready for them to enable and start receiving bookings again. 

Example of seasonal bookings

A recruiter needs to arrange for hiring interviews between candidates and hiring managers. A specific hiring manager may receive bookings temporarily, while she is hiring a specific position. Once she fills that position, a OnceHub admin can unassign her scheduled meetings license. She won't be able to receive bookings for interviews any longer. 

However, her Booking page and User profile will stay, keeping all her configured settings and connected integrations (such as a calendar). When she has a new position open for candidates, the OnceHub admin can reassign her a scheduled meetings license and re-enable her page, so she can take interview bookings again. They won't have to reconfigure her Booking page or User profile and she won't have to reconnect any integrations. 

Activity stream and reporting access

If you have a manager, assistant, or collaborator who needs to manage activity and/or access reports, you can create an Administrator User profile for them. 

When they log in, they will see the Activity stream. The Activity stream is the central hub where you can manage all of your booking, conversation, and payment activities. The Activity stream provides advanced filtering options to give you quick access to the information you require.

As an Administrator, they will have access to OnceHub reports. They can view, customize, and export reports to analyze booking trends. 

Billing access

Provide an Administrator User profile for your finance team member to manage the account billing. They can log in, pay for the account, keep track of invoicing, add licenses, receive billing notifications, and update payment details. 

Security and privacy compliance

If you have security and privacy managers, you can create an Administrator User profile for them. 

Security managers can define relevant security settings, such as password policies, session policies, account lockout policies, and more. 

Privacy managers will have access to delete activities in the Activity stream, keeping you in compliance with data privacy law. 

If relevant to your organization, privacy managers can act as your Data Protection Officer and/or EU Representative according to GDPR standards, ensuring compliance in your OnceHub account.

Branding your look and feel

If you want a designer on your team to help define and/or configure the custom branding for your Booking pages' custom themes and notification templates, you can create an Administrator User profile for them. They can upgrade the look and feel on your pages and notifications to match your organization, keeping your customer experience consistent and professional.

Someone with coding knowledge for emails can update your custom templates using HTML.

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