SMS log data

The SMS log data is where you track the SMS notifications sent through your account. Data is recorded for all SMS notifications sent in the following scenarios:

The records can be filtered by date range or phone number. They can also be exported to a spreadsheet. 

Accessing your SMS log data

  1. To access the SMS log data, sign in to your OnceHub account.
  2. Click on the profile image or initials in the top right corner of the screen, and select Subscription and billing
  3. Then click SMS log.

SMS log data

The records in the SMS log data contain the following information:

Date – The day the SMS was sent. 

Booking page – The Booking page associated with the SMS. Test SMS notifications do not have Booking pages associated with them.

To – The number to which the SMS was sent. 

Recipient – The name of the Customer or User to whom the SMS was sent.

Template – The name of the template that was used to send the SMS. 

Characters – The number of characters used in the SMS, including spaces. 

SMS credits – The number of SMS credits used. 

Status – One of the following delivery statuses will be displayed:

  • Delivered: The SMS was sent and arrival was confirmed via delivery receipt. 
  • Sent: SMS was sent but a delivery receipt was not received.  
  • Rejected: The phone number was found to be invalid prior to sending. 
  • Failed: The SMS failed to send.
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