Introduction to Billing

OnceHub products can be purchased with a monthly subscription, which is always billed in advance. OnceHub uses a per-User license pricing model which means that you only pay for the number of User licenses in your account.

Accessing the Billing section

Sign in to your OnceHub Account. Then, open the left navigation bar and click Billing.  

Figure 1: Open the left navigation bar to access Billing

You must be a OnceHub Administrator to initiate any OnceHub transactions. 

Purchasing your first OnceHub product

When you purchase a product for the first time, you are immediately billed in advance for the first month. On each monthly billing date, you will be charged for the upcoming month's subscription, based on the exact number of User licenses in your account. 

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Adding and Removing User licenses

You can add User licenses at any time. When you add User licenses:

  • They are immediately available for you to assign to Users in your account. 
  • You'll only pay for them on your next billing date.

On your next billing date, you'll pay:

  • A prorated adjustment for the User licenses added during the current billing cycle. 
  • The full amount for the total number of User licenses in your account. 

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You can remove User licenses at any time. When you remove User licenses, they are still available for use in the application until the end of your current billing cycle. This is because you've already paid for all of your User licenses in advance, at the beginning of the current billing cycle. 

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SMS Pricing and purchasing SMS credits

SMS notifications are purchased in packages of credits. You pay for SMS credits when you purchase them. Once you've purchased SMS credits, they're immediately available for use by every User with a ScheduleOnce User License. SMS credits are deducted per SMS notification sent. 

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Tracking SMS usage

You can track SMS notifications sent through your account in the SMS log. The SMS log records can be filtered by date range or phone number. They can also be exported to a spreadsheet. 

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Managing payment methods

The Billing section stores your primary and additional payment methods.

  • The primary payment method is automatically used for all your transactions.
  • Additional payment methods can also be stored on your account, but they are not automatically used for any payments. Storing additional payment methods means you can conveniently switch between payment methods at any time.
  • You can add as many additional payment methods as you like. 

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Billing notifications

OnceHub provides billing notifications that cover key events throughout the billing lifecycle. Any User in your account can receive billing notifications. OnceHub Administrators have complete control over which billing notifications are sent and who receives them. 

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Transactions and invoicing

You can easily keep track of your OnceHub Account's paid and pending transactions. OnceHub allows you to download invoices and edit the buyer details on the invoice. 

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