Removing User licenses

When you remove User licenses, they are still available for use in the application until the end of your current billing cycle. This is because you've already paid for all your User licenses in advance, at the beginning of the current billing cycle.

In this article, you'll learn how to remove User licenses from your OnceHub Account.

How removing licenses works

For example, let's say your billing cycle starts on the 20th of every month and you already have 15 User licenses in your account. You remove 5 User licenses from your account during your billing cycle. You will still have access to these licenses until the next billing date. On this date, the licenses will be removed from your account and you will only pay for 10 User licenses for the upcoming month.

Figure 1: Removing User license

We recommend unassigning User licenses before removing them. Otherwise, OnceHub will randomly remove User licenses on the next recurring billing date.

NoteYou cannot purchase additional User licenses while a license removal is pending. If you change your mind about removing User licenses, you can cancel a pending removal at any time before the next billing date.

You can remove User licenses in the OnceHub -> Billing -> Products page.

Effects of User license removal on ScheduleOnce

Our fair usage policy allows three Booking pages for each ScheduleOnce User license. This means that you will lose three Booking page licenses for every ScheduleOnce User license that you remove. 

We recommend removing ScheduleOnce Booking pages above the quota before the license removal becomes effective. Otherwise, OnceHub will randomly delete Booking pages, along with their settings.

Requirements for removing User licenses

You must be a OnceHub Administrator to remove User licenses.

Removing User licenses

  1. In the Products page, click Remove licenses.
  2. In the Remove licenses page, select the number of User licenses you want to remove. The Next payment box is updated with the amount due on the next billing date, based on the number of licenses you remove. Your next payment includes only the Payment for licenses to be used in the upcoming billing cycle.
  3. Click Update subscription to save your changes. 

The User licenses will be removed from your account at the end of your current billing cycle and can still be used in the application until then. 


If you want to cancel your subscription and remove all licenses from your OnceHub Account, you'll need to delete your account. Learn more about deleting your OnceHub Account

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