Purchasing and upgrading ScheduleOnce

Only OnceHub Administrators can purchase, upgrade, or downgrade the OnceHub subscription. You must purchase a subscription to access ScheduleOnce. InviteOnce is currently in beta and free of charge for all Users.

Accessing the Subscription and billing section

To access the Subscription and billing section, sign in and click on the profile image or initials in the top right corner of the screen. Then select Subscription and billing to see the section (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Subscription and billing

Try ScheduleOnce for 14-days

To sign up for a free 14-day trial, simply open the OnceHub website and click the Try it free button. Sign up to start the 14-day trial and start the onboarding process.

  • Each trial includes unlimited Users, unlimited Booking pages and third-party integrations.  All trial Users will be assigned ScheduleOnce User licenses automatically when you start your 14-day ScheduleOnce trial.
  • Every ScheduleOnce trial comes with 25 free SMS credits. Learn more about SMS notifications

ImportantWhen your trial expires, you will no longer have access to ScheduleOnce, but you will still be able to access your OnceHub account and use InviteOnce. Your scheduling configuration is kept and you can purchase ScheduleOnce at any time.

Purchasing for the first time

You can purchase ScheduleOnce at any time during the trial period. When you purchase, you can add User licenses and additional Booking page licenses.

All OnceHub payments are recurring and based on the number of User licenses purchased. You can decide to have a monthly or annual recurring billing cycle. If you choose to have an annual billing, you receive two months free.

When you purchase for the first time, the purchase date will be the billing date for your recurring cycles. For example, if you purchased on September 1, your monthly payments are billed every first of the month. If you are on an annual cycle, your annual payments are billed every year on September 1.

Upgrading your plan

After the initial purchase, every purchase will be an upgrade. When you upgrade your plan, the upgrade is immediately available in your account. 

When you upgrade your plan, your recurring billing date does not change. You will first pay a prorated amount for the remaining cycle between the date you upgraded the plan and the recurring billing date. The full recurring payment will only apply thereafter. Learn more about Transactions and invoicing

Adding User licenses

When adding User licenses, Booking page licenses included with each User license will be automatically added. For example, two Booking page licenses will be added per User license if you have a Professional plan.

Adding additional Booking page licenses

You can add additional Booking pages to your account beyond the Booking pages included with your User licenses. 

Purchasing SMS credits

Unlike User licenses and Booking page licenses which are invoiced on a recurring basis, SMS credits are purchased in packages of credits, which are deducted based on usage. SMS packages are purchased per account, not per User. Learn more about SMS pricing

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