Mapping of OnceHub fields to Zapier triggers

The following table outlines what OnceHub attributes are available for each Zapier trigger:

Field name in ZapierScheduledRescheduledCanceledCanceled (Rescheduled)CompletedNo-ShowBooking Lifecycle
Booking - AttachmentXXXXXXX
Booking - Creation dateXXXXXXX
Booking - Summary (long)XXXXXXX
Booking - Summary (short)XXXXXXX
Booking- Duration in minutesXXXXXXX
Booking - Duration in secondsXXXXXXX
Booking - Last updatedXXXXXXX
Booking - Meeting time in UTCXXXXXXX
Booking - Meeting time in Customer's time zoneXXXXXXX
Booking - Meeting time in Owner's time zoneXXXXXXX
Booking - ModeXXXXXXX
Booking - Number of sessions scheduledXXXXXXX
Booking - Physical locationXXXXXXX
Booking -Starttime in Customer's time zoneXXXXXXX
Booking -Starttime in Owner's time zoneXXXXXXX
Booking - StatusXXXXXXX
Booking - SubjectXXXXXXX
Booking - Tracking IDXXXXXXX
Booking - Package IDXXXXXXX
Booking - Virtual locationXXXXXXX
Booking - Virtual or physical locationXXXXXXX
Customer - CompanyXXXXXXX
Customer - CountryXXXXXXX
Customer - EmailXXXXXXX
Customer - First nameXXXXXXX
Customer - Last nameXXXXXXX
Customer - LocationXXXXXXX
Customer - Mobile phoneXXXXXXX
Customer - NameXXXXXXX
Customer - NoteXXXXXXX
Customer - PhoneXXXXXXX
Customer - StateXXXXXXX
Customer - Time zoneXXXXXXX
Cancel/reschedule - Initiated by customer name XXX  X
Cancel/reschedule - Initiated by user name XXX  X
Cancel/reschedule - Reason XXX  X
Cancel/reschedule - Summary (long) X X  X
Cancel/reschedule - Summary (short) X X  X
Cancel/reschedule - Customer linkXX    X
Cancel/reschedule - Tracking ID (canceled booking) X    X
Booking page - CategoryXXXXXXX
Booking page - Internal labelXXXXXXX
Booking page - Public linkXXXXXXX
Booking page - Public nameXXXXXXX
Master page - Internal labelXXXXXXX
Master page - Public linkXXXXXXX
Master page - Public nameXXXXXXX
Booking page - OwnerXXXXXXX
Booking page - Time zoneXXXXXXX
Event type - CategoryXXXXXXX
Event type - DescriptionXXXXXXX
Event type - NameXXXXXXX
Event type - PriceXXXXXXX
Event type – CurrencyXXXXXXX
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