How to remove OnceHub branding on customer-facing elements

OnceHub is highly customizable, providing you with advanced branding tools that allow you to make our products a part of your organization's environment. If you have customized your page, email, and other customer-facing elements, we take a hands-off approach with our own branding and ensure yours is front and center.  

Specific cases

In the following scenarios, we do not show our own branding: 

OnceHub branding added by default

If you have not customized these elements, we add a small bit of text by default, such as the text, "Powered by OnceHub," on a Booking page or customer notification email. 

However, if you prefer not to display this text, it can be toggled off easily in your OnceHub account Settings section.

Simply uncheck the OnceHub branding box and this text will be removed from all customer-facing elements for future interactions. 


To remove OnceHub branding, you may need to upgrade your plan.

Specific cases

In certain scenarios, branding is removed by default: 

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