Notification center

The Notification center allows you to manage issues and warnings reported by OnceHub.

The Notification center can be accessed via the Notification icon in the top navigation bar (see Figure 1). The number of pending notifications is indicated in red.

Figure 1: Notification center

In this article, you will learn about the different notification types that you may receive in the Notification center. You will also learn about resolving issues reported in the Notification center, and about snoozing or dismissing notifications.

Notification types

There are two types of notifications:


An urgent matter that should be addressed immediately (Figure 2). When an Issue is detected, the Notification center automatically opens to grab your attention. Issue notifications include:

Figure 2: Issue example

Note When a connection error for a third party integration occurs, you cannot accept bookings and should resolve the connection error as soon as possible. Such connection errors can occur when the integration is not set up correctly or when an API access token was revoked or has expired.


A non-urgent matter that you should be aware of (see Figure 3). Warning notifications include:

Figure 3: Warning example

Resolving a notification

To resolve an item in the Notification center, click the Resolve button. This takes you to the relevant section in the platform where you can address the reported item. 

Snoozing a notification

Click Snooze to hide the notification for a period of 24 hours. 

Dismissing a notification

Notifications regarding your SMS credit balance have a Dismiss link. Clicking Dismiss hides the notification from the Notification center until the SMS credit balance is again low or depleted.

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