Introduction to your account

Welcome to your OnceHub account! 

To access your account, select OnceHub Account from the product dropdown menu (Figure 1), open the left sidebar and select a section under the Account section.

Figure 1: Product dropdown menu

Only Administrators have access to the following sections in the OnceHub Account section.


In the Users section, you can manage other Users in your account. This includes:


In the Settings section, you can:

  • Delete your account
  • Specify a Compliance BCC email - this will allow you to automatically forward a hidden copy of all outgoing Customer email notifications to a designated email address.
  • Enter your partner referral code 


In the Security section, you can manage:

  • Password policies - including settings for Password length, Password complexity, Password expiration, and Password history. 
  • Account lockout policies - you can enable or disable account lockout and set the number of unsuccessful login attempts allowed before account lockout occurs.
  • Session policies - you can enable or disable session timeout and manage the session timeout period. 


In the Privacy section, you can:


In the Compliance section, you can learn about Oncehub compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS and FERPA.

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