Introduction to your account

Welcome to your OnceHub account! 

To access your account, click on the OnceHub logo in the top left corner of the navigation menu (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: OnceHub logo

Alternatively, you can access a specific setting from the Account gear menu (Figure 2).

Figure 2: The Account gear menu

Only Administrators have access to the following sections in the OnceHub Account settings section. You do not need an assigned product license to access this section. Learn more


In the Users section, you can manage other Users in your account. This includes:


In the Settings section, you can:

  • Delete your account
  • Specify a Compliance BCC email - this will allow you to automatically forward a hidden copy of all outgoing Customer email notifications to a designated email address.
  • Enter your partner referral code 


In the Security section, you can manage:

  • Password policies - including settings for Password length, Password complexity, Password expiration, and Password history. 
  • Account lockout policies - you can enable or disable account lockout and set the number of unsuccessful login attempts allowed before account lockout occurs.
  • Session policies - you can enable or disable session timeout and manage the session timeout period. 


In the Compliance section, you can:

  • Provide OnceHub with the contact information of your Data Protection Officer and your European Union representative. 
  • Describe your processing of personal data in OnceHub as required by the GDPR. Learn more about maintaining records of processing in your OnceHub account
  • Provide an email contact for data breach notification. In the event of a data breach, we always notify you via the email addresses of your account administrator and Data Protection or Privacy Officer. If there is anyone else you want us to notify, you can enter up to five email addresses here. 
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