Triggering Zaps from pages not under your ownership

By default, you can only trigger Zaps from Booking pages you own. If you're a OnceHub Administrator, you can remove this restriction for yourself and for other Administrators in the account. 

When Zap triggering from all Booking pages is enabled for an Administrator, the Administrator’s active Zaps will be triggered by booking events that occur on all Booking pages in the account effective immediately. To limit your Zaps to specific Booking pages, add a Filter step to your Zaps before enabling the permission to trigger Zaps from all Booking pages. 

Learn more about adding Filters in Zapier


Allowing an Administrator to trigger Zaps from pages owned by other users means that you are giving this Administrator access to booking data and Customer data from all Booking pages in the account.

When Zap triggering from all pages is enabled, and other Users in the account are also connected to Zapier, there is a risk of duplicate or conflicting actions. For example, Customers may receive duplicate notifications. We recommend reviewing the Zaps of all connected Users before enabling this permission.

In this article, you'll learn how to enable Zap triggering from all Booking pages in the account for a specific Administrator in your Account.


To enable Zap triggering from all Booking pages:

  • You must be a OnceHub Administrator. Note that this permission is User-based and can only be granted to Administrators.
  • The Administrator for which the permission is enabled must have a Zapier API key.

Enabling Zap triggering from all pages

  1. Prepare Zapier by first adding a filter step to your active Zaps. This step is recommended to ensure that you control the Zaps that will be triggered when the permission is enabled (optional). Learn more about adding a Filter step in the Zap in Zapier

  2. Navigate to Account -> Users -> Personal details or select My profile from the Account and Profile icon in the top right corner.

  3. Check the box Trigger Zaps from all Booking pages and click Save (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1: User profile - Personal details section

  4. Click Yes on the Zapier account-level permission pop-up (Figure 2). Active Zaps will immediately apply to all Booking pages in the account.

    Figure 2: Zapier account-level permission pop-up

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