How can I use my calendar's busy time in OnceHub?

When you connect your personal calendar account, OnceHub is able to read any calendar in that account to see when you are already busy. You can tell OnceHub to block any time when you're busy on your calendar. No one will be able to book meetings with you when there is already an event on your calendar. 

Different calendar integrations have different terminology for referring to busy time. For instance, the Google Calendar integration shows events as either Available or Busy. In comparison, Outlook and Office 365 have many more settings for showing the status of an event, including Tentative, Out of Office, and more. The same setting that is represented by 'Available' in Google Calendar is represented by 'Free' in Office 365 and Outlook.

To see which calendar is connected to your account, open the left sidebar in your OnceHub account. Then, select Calendar connection. After you've connected your calendar, you can specify which calendar or calendars should be used for retrieving busy time.

Busy time in ScheduleOnce

In ScheduleOnce, these busy events are also factored into any buffers you set between ScheduleOnce events and busy time on your calendar. 

Each ScheduleOnce Booking page can have its own calendar configuration, retrieving busy time and bookings in whichever calendars you specify in Setup -> relevant Booking page -> Associated calendars. Busy time is automatically retrieved from your main booking calendar. You can also retrieve busy time from any other calendars in your connected account, so long as you select them within this section.

Busy time in InviteOnce

When you connect your Google calendar account to OnceHub, InviteOnce is able to read the calendar to see when you are already busy. 

  • Any events labeled "Busy" on your calendar will be considered unavailable time. Busy time on your calendar will restrict the time slot options that you are able to choose from when scheduling a meeting or sending an invitation.
  • When scheduling meetings on behalf of Customers, you can also view and select times with conflicting meetings. 
  • Events labelled "Available" or "Free" will be considered as available time for meetings. 

If InviteOnce is not showing any available time slots, a number of things could be responsible. Learn more about troubleshooting issues

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