Sharing Outlook Calendars

OnceHub connects to your Outlook Calendar and allows you to access all calendars in your account. These can be local calendars, Exchange calendars, resource calendars, or any other calendars that are shared with you with full read/write permissions.

ImportantSharing of Outlook Calendars is only possible when Outlook is used with Microsoft Exchange.

  • If you need to access additional calendars that are not part of your Outlook Calendar account, you can ask owners of these Outlook Calendars to share their calendars with you. When asking people to share their calendar with you, you need to request sharing with full read/write permissions. Learn more about sharing an Outlook calendar with others.
  • When configuring the Outlook connector, you select the shared calendars that you want to sync with OnceHub. Calendars that do not have a checkbox next to them are those calendars to which you do not have full read/write permissions. These calendars cannot be synced with OnceHub. If you do want to connect to one of these calendars, you can ask the calendar owner to grant you full read/write permissions to this calendar. After performing an initial sync, the Associated calendars section on your ScheduleOnce Booking page(s) will list the shared calendars that you have selected for syncing. 
  • From the Associated calendars section, you can select any shared calendar as your main booking calendar, retrieve busy time from it, or add it as additional booking calendar. Learn more about Associated calendars settings


The ScheduleOnce connector for Outlook is designed to manage the calendars of one person per User account. Managing more than one person's schedule through just one connector is not recommended, as the sync can be slowed considerably when multiple shared calendars are accessed, especially when using real-time sync. 

This is a result of how the Outlook API is designed to retrieve information from shared Exchange calendars. Slow syncing can result in lagging performance in Outlook, crashes in Outlook or the connector, and in some cases, lost data when a connection drops before the sync was finished. 

These experiences are usually a direct result of syncing too many shared calendars at once. The recommended setup for an account using Outlook integration is to create a User account for each person, connected to their personal calendar(s), in order to avoid these issues.

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