Scheduling on behalf of the Customer

If your existing workflow involves making a preliminary phone call with prospects or Customers, you can use OnceHub to schedule the session on behalf of your Customer. 

On the call, you can ask your Customer for their preferred time and then use the OnceHub Find by time feature to identify the most appropriate Team member and schedule the meeting.

In this article, you'll learn about the two methods to schedule on behalf of the Customer.

Using the Salesforce scheduling button

The simplest way to schedule OnceHub bookings on behalf of Customers is with our Salesforce scheduling button

Our Salesforce integration allows you to add a Schedule button to all CRM contacts. When you click the button, OnceHub uses the contact’s record to identify the Customer, so you don't need to fill in the Customer’s information. The Booking form is skipped, and all you have to do is select a time and a Team member to finalize the appointment. 

The booking is then automatically created in all parties’ calendars and added to the Contact’s CRM record. Learn more about Salesforce Scheduling buttons for contacts, leads and cases 

Figure 1: Salesforce scheduling buttons

Manually filling out the Booking form

Alternatively, you can manually fill out the Booking form as though you were the Customer. 

In the Booking form, enter the Customer's details in the Booking form fields. For example, enter the Customer's name in the Your name field. Then, select a time that works best for your Customer, based on the times shown on the relevant Booking page. 

When you use this method to schedule on behalf of a Customer, you do not need to have a User license.  The OnceHub Administrator, who does have a User license, simply needs to send you or whoever is scheduling the meeting the link for the relevant Booking page or Master page configured in the account. 

For example, John works in an organization in which the onboarding process requires a preliminary phone call with the Customer. John has been assigned to Annette, who is a new Customer. John calls Annette and asks her for her preferred time. She asks for 3:30 PM on Tuesday, June 6th and he confirms this time is available. He selects this time, and then asks her to provide the relevant information. John then enters this information on the Booking form.  

After he clicks Done, the appointment is set. Annette will receive confirmation by email and/or SMS of her booking. The person providing the meeting (someone different from John) is a User in the OnceHub account and will also receive notifications. 

Figure 2: Booking form

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