Related activities

The Activity stream is the central hub where you can manage all of your booking and payment activity The Activity stream provides advanced filtering options to give you quick access to the information you require.

When you view a specific activity, you'll be able to view related activities, such as payments, rescheduled bookings, and cancellations.

In this article, you'll learn about related activities.

How can I view related activities?

To view related activities, select an activity from the Activity stream. Then, in the Details pane for that activity, select View related activities from the action menu (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: View related activities

What related activities can I see?

When a booking is made, it can be related to a Session package, a Transaction, or another booking. Related activities are relevant in the following scenarios.

Booking request: New times requested by User

A booking request is made and the User cancels and requests new times. When the booking request is resubmitted by the Customer, both the canceled booking request and resubmitted booking request are related.

Booking rescheduled by User

The booking is canceled by the User and a request to reschedule is sent. When the booking is rescheduled by the Customer, the canceled booking and rescheduled booking will be related.

Booking rescheduled on different Booking page by Customer

The booking is rescheduled by the Customer with a different Booking page. Both the canceled booking and rescheduled booking will be related.

Session package scheduled

When a Session package is scheduled. Sessions that are part of the package and the Session package itself are related. 

Payment integration used

When payment integration is used, all paid and refunded transactions are related to the booking or Session package. 

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