Managing Zaps from within OnceHub

The OnceHub connector for Zapier allows you to manage your OnceHub Zaps from within the comfort of your OnceHub account. OnceHub communicates with the Zapier API to retrieve a list of your OnceHub Zaps and their statuses.

In this article, you will learn how to access your OnceHub Zaps from within OnceHub.


To access your OnceHub Zaps from within OnceHub, you need a Zapier account.


  • From within OnceHub, you can only access your OnceHub Zaps. Your non-OnceHub Zaps are not accessible via the Zapier API.
  • If you have a Zapier Team account, you will see Zaps from both your Zapier Personal account and team-shared Zaps in your OnceHub account.

 Managing your OnceHub Zaps

To access your OnceHub Zaps:

  1. Select your profile picture or initials in the top right-hand corner → Profile settings Zapier.
  2. Select the Manage Zaps tab and click Connect (see Figure 1).
    Figure 1: The Manage Zaps tab
  3. In the Zapier login page, enter your Zapier email and password, and click Login.
  4. In the Zapier consent screen (see Figure 2), click Authorize to allow OnceHub to list your Zaps and their statuses. You will be redirected back to OnceHub.

    Figure 2: Zapier consent screen

  5. Once connected, you can view your OnceHub Zaps (see Figure 3).

    A Zap can be in one of the following states:

    On: The Zap is active and performing the action when triggered.

    Off: The Zap is complete but inactive. Turn on to use this Zap.

    Draft: The Zap is incomplete. Finish setup to activate this Zap.

    Figure 3: Your OnceHub Zaps

  6. To edit a Zap, click the pencil icon () to open the Zap Editor (see Figure 4).

  7. In the Zap Editor, you can make any changes, including turning the Zap ON or OFF. Changes are automatically saved.

    NoteTo delete a Zap, click on Dashboard within the Zap Editor (see Figure 4). Your Zapier account will open in a new browser tab. Locate the Zap and select Trash in the Zap's menu. Learn more

    Figure 4: The Zap Editor from within OnceHub

  8. When finished, simply close the overlay popup.

Congratulations! You can now manage your OnceHub Zaps from within OnceHub.

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