Deleting activities from the Activity stream

Stay compliant with data privacy law by managing data deletion requests from your Customers. When you delete selected activities in the Activity stream and move these activities to the Trash, they will be deleted permanently after 30 days. 

You do not need an assigned product license to access the Activity stream and move activities to the Trash, but you do need to be an Administrator. Learn more

In this article, you'll learn about moving activities to Trash, restoring activities, deleting them permanently, and other related changes to your account after deleting activities. 


Deleting activities is a new feature being rolled out gradually. If you do not see this option in your Activity stream and it's necessary for your account management, please contact us and we'd be happy to turn it on for you. 

Move activities to Trash

If you'd like to move an activity to the Trash, select the relevant activity in the Activity stream. You will see a menu of three dots. Click on this and select Move to Trash. In the pop-up, confirm you want to move it to the Trash. 

Figure 1: Move to Trash

You will no longer see this activity in your Activity stream, either from default or custom filters. You can only access this activity from the Trash filter, for the next 30 days after moving it to the Trash. 

Members, Booking page Owners, Editors, and Customers will not be notified when their activities are deleted.


Moving activities to the Trash for permanent deletion is a feature intended for data deletion, to comply with privacy laws. 

It is not intended for booking cancellation. Deleting an activity does not cancel a future booking. If you move an activity to Trash and permanently delete it, this does not update any related calendar event in your connected calendar, nor will that time be free for other meetings.

If you'd like to cancel the meeting, you can do this through the standard cancellation process, which will both cancel the meeting and free that time slot for other meetings.

Bulk deleting activities

You can delete up to 50 activities at one time by selecting each in the activity stream. Click on the Trash icon and you'll be able to delete them all at once, after confirming you want to delete that number of activities. 

Figure 2: Select multiple activities for moving to trash

The Trash

The Trash holds all deleted activities from the last 30 days. 

Only Admins can see the Trash. Member Users will not be able to see the activities in the Trash. 

Restoring activities from Trash

If you sent an activity to the Trash in error, you can restore this activity within 30 days of moving it to the Trash. Find and select that activity in the Trash. Hover over the menu of three dots and select Restore activity. The activity will now appear in your active Activity stream filters and will not be deleted permanently. 

Figure 3: Restore activity

Deleting activities permanently

All activities sent to the Trash delete permanently and automatically after 30 days. 

If you wish to delete the activity permanently before 30 days, go to the menu of three dots and select Delete permanently.

Figure 4: Delete permanently

The permanently deleted data will also be removed from OnceHub's servers within 24 hours of permanent deletion in your account.

If you move something to the Trash on January 1 and don't choose to delete it permanently yourself from the Trash, it will be deleted permanently from your account on January 31. At this time, it will be flagged for deletion from the OnceHub database, which can take up to 24 hours. This data will be completely removed from OnceHub's servers by end of day on February 1.

If you choose to delete it permanently from the Trash before 30 days are complete, it will be removed within 24 hours. This means if you move something to the Trash on January 1 and choose to delete it permanently on January 1, this data will be completely removed from OnceHub's servers by end of day on January 2. 

If you'd like to delete all activities permanently, you can select Empty trash now in the banner at the top of Trash. This will permanently delete all activities in the Trash.  

Figure 5: Empty trash now to remove all items in the Trash

Permanently deleted activities cannot be restored by any account Admin, nor by OnceHub database engineers. This keeps deleted activities compliant with privacy laws.

Deleted activities in reports

Activities in the Trash remain active and will be included in reports until deleted. They will display as being (In Trash).

Figure 6: Status displays that the activity is in the Trash

After they are permanently deleted, any fields related to this deleted activity will not show up in reports.

For permanently deleted payment activities, the payment will still be listed as an item on your revenue reports but will not include any personal identifying information for that payment.

Session packages

If you delete a single session in a session package, this deletes only that single session. The session package is otherwise not affected. The reverse is also true: If you delete a session package, the individual sessions in that package will remain active. 

If you'd like all sessions in a session package to be deleted, you must delete each individually. We recommend using the bulk select and delete option (see above, Bulk deleting activities). 

Payment integration

When you delete a payment activity, the following will be removed from its related activity/activities in the Activity stream: 

  • Option to Process a refund
  • Option to Download invoice
  • The relevant Booking page
  • Ability to View Cancel/reschedule policy in the menu with three dots

Figure 7: Removed fields with deleted payment activity

The payment will still be listed as an item on your revenue reports but will not include any personal identifying information for that payment.

Third-party integrations

It's important to understand that data from the deleted activities will only be removed from OnceHub. Users will need to follow similar deletion protocols in each integrated application that may be connected to OnceHub. When you delete an activity, OnceHub will not remove data related to that deleted activity from your calendar, CRM, video conferencing app, or any other integrated system. 

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