Transactions and invoicing

OnceHub provides full transparency and disclosure of all your account’s transactions and invoices. Keeping track of your account’s paid and pending transactions is straightforward and our easy-to-understand and customizable invoices guarantee a hassle-free billing experience.

To access the Transactions and invoicing page, click on the profile image or initials in the top right corner of the screen and select Subscription and billing. Then, go to Billing -> Transactions and invoicing.

Invoice settings

In the Invoice settings section you are given the flexibility to customize the buyer's details on the invoice. 

For example, you can add your company name, company address, tax number, or other data. To change this information, click the Edit icon next to the Buyer details on Invoice field. The changes made will be immediately reflected on all past and future invoices for your account. Please note that this field is limited to 200 characters.

Figure 1: Edit Buyer details on Invoice popup


Each transaction listed includes the date and amount charged on your card, the type of the transaction, and a link to the invoice. All invoices can be downloaded in PDF.

There are three types of transactions in OnceHub: 

  1. Transactions initiated by a purchase: these transactions include first-time product purchases, upgrades, and SMS credits purchased. These transactions have been paid for and are therefore displayed in the transaction history.
  2. Recurring transactions: these are automatic renewal transactions that occur either in monthly or yearly cycles, according to account billing choice. Accordingly, these transactions will be displayed both in the next pending transaction (future recurring transactions yet to be paid) and in the transaction history (past recurring transactions that have already been paid).
  3. Payment integration transaction fees:  these transactions are only applicable if you are using our Payment integration via ScheduleOnce. OnceHub charges a 1% transaction fee for each payment made via ScheduleOnce, in addition to the fees charged by PayPal. Transaction fees are charged instantly when you collect a payment from your customers via ScheduleOnce. An invoice with a summary of all transaction fees paid in the previous month will be created on the first day of every month and will be sent to you by email. In addition, this summary invoice will be available to download from the transaction history. Learn more about the Payment integration transactions fee invoice
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