OnceHub Payment integration transaction fee invoice


The information in this article only applies if you are using payment integration with OnceHub.

The Payment integration and transaction fee invoice includes all Payment integration transaction fees incurred by your OnceHub Account for one month. As per the terms agreed, OnceHub charges your PayPal account a 1% transaction fee for accepting payments through OnceHub.

By default, all OnceHub Administrators receive the OnceHub Payment integration transactions fee invoice. You can add additional billing contacts who will be copied on to this invoice. For example, you may wish to add your company’s accountant or bookkeeper as an additional billing contact. Learn more about Billing notifications

When is this invoice issued?

If you received payments via OnceHub during the prior month, the transactions fee invoice will be issued on the first day of the following month. This will include all transaction fees paid for in the previous month. Please note that the Payment integration transaction fee invoice is not related to the monthly or yearly cycle of your Account.

Transaction fees are charged instantly when a payment is collected via OnceHub. The invoice therefore provides a summary of retrospective charges and will always appear in your Transaction history.

If you delete your OnceHub account, an email with the transaction fee invoice attached will be sent to you immediately upon deletion, instead of on the first day of the following month.

What’s included in this invoice?

Transaction items are classified by the Event type name and are grouped by the amount paid. The amount paid can either be the Event type price or the reschedule fee. The transactions table consists of four columns (see Figure 1):

  1. Description: This column provides information about the Event type name and the type of transaction. There are two transaction types: transactions related to scheduling a booking (collection of service fee) and transactions related to rescheduling a booking (collection of reschedule fee).

  2. Transaction fee: This column specifies the value of the 1% transaction fee for the specific transaction item. For example, if the transaction item is a consultation with a service price of $100, the transaction fee specified will be $1.

  3. Transactions: This column specifies the number of transaction items comprised per itemized transaction row.

  4. Total: This column presents the sum of transaction fees paid for each transaction item (the transaction fee multiplied by the number of transactions). For example, for 500 scheduling transactions with a service price of $100, the transaction fee will be $500 (500*($100*1%).

Figure 1: Payment integration and transaction fee invoice

Note If you are receiving payments via OnceHub in multiple currencies, there will be a separate transaction table for each currency. All transactions tables will be displayed one under the other in the monthly invoice.

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