Office 365 Calendar connection with OAuth 2.0 FAQs

OnceHub communicates with your Office 365 Calendar in real time using using an OAuth 2.0 connection.

In this article, you'll find answers to some of the most common questions related to your Office 365 Calendar via OAuth 2.0 connection. 

Connecting to your Office 365 Calendar via OAuth 2.0

  1. Sign in to your OnceHub Account.
  2. Open the left sidebar, click on Profile and select Calendar connection. If you are switching connections, you must disconnect from your previous connection first.
  3. Click the Connect button next to Office 365 Calendar via OAuth.
  4. A pop-up window will appear asking you to choose an account to connect to OnceHub. Select the correct account and confirm the connection.
  5. Click Accept to give OnceHub permission to access your calendars.

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Most common questions

Which Office 365 edition is required to connect with OnceHub? 

To be able to connect OnceHub to your Office 365 Calendar, you must have a calendar in Outlook on the web for business (Outlook Web App), which is provided with Exchange Online. Learn more about which Office 365 edition is required

Will I be connected to Microsoft Teams for video meetings as well? 

Yes, if your Office 365 account includes Microsoft Teams, you'll be connected automatically when you connect your Office 365 Calendar via OAuth 2.0. Learn more

Can I disable the Office 365 Calendar invite that is sent to my Customers? 

In ScheduleOnce, you can disable the Office 365 Calendar invite email by going to Setup -> ScheduleOnce setup -> relevant Booking page -> Customer notifications and unchecking the box that sends the Office 365 Calendar invite email. 

Note The Customer notifications section will be on the Event type if the Booking page is associated with at least one Event type.

How does OnceHub connect with Office 365 Calendar?

When you connect your Office 365 Calendar to OnceHub via OAuth 2.0, OnceHub communicates with the Office 365 REST API (v2.0) and Microsoft Graph API using a token that is generated by Microsoft. Your sign-in credentials are never revealed during the connection process and are never stored by OnceHub. Once a connection is established, OnceHub reads or writes to your Office 365 Calendar in real time. 

What is busy time caching?

To ensure fast performance, we employ a caching mechanism for the busy times in your connected Office 365 Calendar. It is turned on by default. We recommend you keep caching enabled unless a OnceHub team member recommends you disable it.

Can OnceHub connect with shared Office 365 Calendars or resources (Rooms)?

Your default calendar, sub-calendars (folders), and calendars that have been shared with you are supported. 

Resource calendars are not supported yet for ScheduleOnce.

Can I set default Office 365 Calendar reminders when events are created via OnceHub?

Yes, you can configure default Office 365 Calendar reminders in the connected Office 365 Calendar. 

Go to your OnceHub Account and click Profile in the left sidebar. Click on Calendar connection and use the Default Office 365 Calendar reminders drop-down menu to select the value that you want (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Default Office 365 Calendar reminders

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I cannot see my scheduled meeting in Office 365 Calendar

In your Office 365 Calendar, make sure that the calendar in which your meeting was scheduled is selected. Find it in the calendar list in the left bar and click it to select it. 

You can also select the activity in the ScheduleOnce Activity stream, then click the action menu (three dots) in the right-hand pane and select View Calendar event (Figure 2).

Figure 2: View Calendar event

Why do my busy times appear in wrong time slots on ScheduleOnce?

This might be due to time zone differences between the account time zone in your Office 365 account and the time zone on your Booking page. To change the time zone:

  • In ScheduleOnce: Go to the Overview section of your Booking page and edit the page's time zone.
  • In Office 365: Click on Settings -> Options - > Settings -> Regional and change the time zone.
    Reload/refresh the ScheduleOnce page to reflect the change.

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I’m already connected with one Office 365 account. How do I switch to another?

Your account can only be connected to one calendar at a time. If you want to switch from one Office 365 Calendar to another, you will need to disconnect the previous one and then connect the new one.

Disconnect your calendar by going to your OnceHub Account, opening the left sidebar, and selecting Profile -> Calendar connection. Disconnect your Office 365 account and reconnect with the new Office 365 account.

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NoteYou can switch your calendar connection accounts without having to switch your OnceHub Account.

What happens if there’s an issue with the connection?

During a connection failure, ScheduleOnce Booking pages cannot accept bookings. This measure is taken to prevent the possibility of double bookings. 

To enable bookings, you must either restore the connection by reconnecting, or disconnect your calendar by clicking the Disconnect link and then reconnect again. Learn more about disconnecting a calendar

I cannot connect - what should I do?

This may be due to temporary communication problems with the Office 365 API. Please try the following options:

  1. Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser.
  2. Verify that you can log in to your Office 365 account.
  3. Try to connect again from your OnceHub Account.

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If you’re still seeing issues, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

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