How to set the number of participants for a WebEx session

NoteThe ScheduleOnce connector for WebEx is only compatible with the Corporate WebEx Enterprise Edition site which features URL and XML APIs. If you are not sure which type of WebEx account you have, contact WebEx support to be sure you are using a compatible edition. Learn more

Some information in this article is updated to our latest release, which provided minor updates to Activity stream functionality, adjusted its location, and simplified account navigation. To ensure stability, we are releasing this update gradually across accounts. 

If you see a Schedule button in the top navigation menu, you are viewing the updated version of OnceHub. Otherwise, you can expect to see this in the near future. Please contact us with any questions.

In this article, you will learn how to set the number of participants for a WebEx session created via ScheduleOnce.

  1. Set up the WebEx connector for your ScheduleOnce account. This will connect to your WebEx account.

  2. Configure your location settings. From the Setup page, select the Booking page and edit the Location settings.

    • Select that you want the meeting location to be virtual.
    • Select that the conferencing information is to be provided by the Owner.
    • Select WebEx as your web conferencing option.
  3. Go to the Scheduling options settings of the Booking page you are in. The Scheduling options are found by going to Setup -> Booking page -> Scheduling options.

    NoteIf you have linked your Booking page to at least one Event type, the Scheduling options will be on the Event type and not on the Booking page. Read the Event sections article to learn why this is happening.

  4. Edit the One-on-one or Group session field. If you want your meeting to be a Group session, select the number of attendees you want to attend in the dropdown menu. Unlimited is an option.

  5. Click Save

ImportantThe number of bookings per time slot set in ScheduleOnce should not exceed your WebEx plan's meeting capacity.

When a booking is made, WebEx session details are integrated with all ScheduleOnce notifications and a WebEx session will be automatically created based on the settings you created above. When multiple Customers sign up for the same session, such as a webinar, each booking receives the same WebEx details. Learn more about setting up Webinars

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