How do I enable Microsoft Teams notifications for live chat?

When a visitor requests a live chat, you can receive notifications in Microsoft Teams via webhooks.

In Microsoft Teams

You'll create an incoming webhook that you can paste into OnceHub.

  1. Open the channel where you want to receive notifications. 
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the ⋯ menu and select Connectors.
  3. Search for Incoming Webhook. Select Add Configure.
  4. Enter a name for your webhook and save it.
  5. Copy the webhook URL in the dialog window. Click Done

In OnceHub

  1. Click on Chatbots or Forms in the lefthand sidebar.
  2. Select an existing chatbot or form, or create a new one. Learn more
  3. Select an existing Live chat action or add a new one. Learn more
  4. In the Live chat action settings Webhook notifications, add the Microsoft Teams webhook URL.
  5. Click Test to send a test notification to Microsoft Teams.
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