Creating and managing your bots

On the Bots page, you can create an unlimited amount of new bots and manage the ones you have. These code-free, intelligent bots to engage and qualify visitors on your website. 

Ask your visitors questions, provide them with messages, and route them through the conversation in a way personalized for them. At the right time, you can offer qualified visitors calls to action so they can engage with you further. 

Create a bot

After you've identified your Audiences, you should create one or more bots those Audiences should engage with. 

Figure 1: Create bot using a template or from scratch

From scratch

When you create your bot from scratch, you start with a blank conversation and build all interactions and routing. 

Learn more about building a conversation

From a template

When you choose a template for your bot, you start with pre-built interactions and routing for a specific scenario. You can then tweak it according to your preferences, to fit your organization. 

Duplicate a bot

Duplicating a bot is helpful if the bot you wish to create is similar to another bot on your website. Because all interactions and routing are duplicated for the new bot, this can save time configuring it. 

Figure 2: Duplicate a bot

Publishing your bot

In the conversation builder, once you're happy with your interactions and routing, you can publish your bot by toggling it on. 

Figure 3: Publish your bot

You'll be able to see the published state on the Bots page.

Figure 4: Bot status - Published or Draft

Once you've built and published the bot, you can take the following steps to go live:

  1. Target an audience with the bot Learn more
  2. Install ChatOnce on your website, if it's not already installed Learn more

Monitor your stats

  • Started - How many visitors engaged with the bot, replying one or more times. 
  • Completed - How many visitors either went through all the conversation's interactions or reached an End chat action, as designed for that bot. Learn more
  • Abandoned - How many visitors engaged with the bot, replying one or more times, but did not complete the conversation.
  • Meetings booked - How many visitors booked a meeting. Learn more
  • Emails captured - How many visitors provided their email during the conversation. This could be gathered either through an Email interaction or as they book a meeting.

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