Google Calendar connection FAQs

In this article, you'll find answers to some of the most common questions related to your Google Calendar connection.

OnceHub FAQ

How does OnceHub connect with Google Calendar? 

OnceHub communicates with the Google Calendar API using a token that is generated by Google. Your sign-in credentials are never revealed during the connection process and are never stored by OnceHub. Once a connection is established, OnceHub reads or writes to Google Calendar in real time and no data from Google Calendar is ever saved on our servers.

Can I connect to a Google Calendar that is not related to my login ID?

You can connect to any Google Calendar, regardless of the login ID that you are using to sign in to OnceHub.

Can I create a Google Calendar account that does not use a Gmail email address?

You can create a Google Calendar account on any email address. Learn more about creating a Google Calendar for your non-Gmail email address 

I cannot connect - what should I do?

This may be due to temporary communication problems with the Google Calendar API. Please try the following:

  1. Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser
  2. Verify that you can log in to your G Suite account
  3. Try to connect again from OnceHub. select your profile picture or initials in the top right-hand corner → Profile settingsCalendar connection. Click the Renew your connection button.

If you’re still having problems, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I connect Google Meet? 

Yes, if you have enabled Google Meet in your Google Account, you can automatically use Google Meet for video conferencing sessions in OnceHub. Once you connect your Google Calendar, Google Meet will also be connected. 

Learn more about the Google Meet integration

Can I use Google Meet for video meetings but connect a calendar that isn't Google Calendar? 

Google Meet is available only when you connect your Google Calendar. Please contact us and we can discuss your options.

Can I connect to my G Suite Calendar?

Yes, there is no difference between connecting to a G Suite Calendar and connecting to a Gmail-based Google Calendar.

Do you support G Suite resource calendars?

G Suite resource calendars are fully supported.

I’m already connected with one Google calendar. How do I switch to another?

The simplest way to switch is to disconnect your calendar and reconnect to a new one. To disconnect, click on your profile image or initials in the top right corner and select Calendar connection. Next, disconnect and connect to another account. Learn more about connecting your Google Calendar

Can I cancel and reschedule in Google Calendar?

This is only supported for ScheduleOnce. The ScheduleOnce integration with Google Calendar can be set up to allow you to cancel or reschedule directly in your connected calendar, while all bookings remain updated in ScheduleOnce.

How is my availability retrieved?

When you connect your Google Calendar account, OnceHub is able to read the calendar to see when you are already busy. 

  • Any events labeled "Busy" on your calendar will be considered unavailable time. Busy time on your calendar will restrict the time slot options that you are able to choose from when accepting bookings from your customers, scheduling a meeting, or when sending an invitation. 
  • Events labelled "Available" or "Free" will be considered as available time for meetings.

Learn more about busy time in Google Calendar

Can I disable the Google Calendar invite that is sent to my customers?

In OnceHub, you can disable the Google Calendar invite email. When your Booking page is associated with Event types, the Customer notifications section is located on the Event type. When your Booking page is not associated with Event types, this section is located on the Booking page

Learn more about the location of the Customer notifications section

Once you've accessed the Customer notifications section, uncheck the box that sends the Google Calendar invite email. Learn more about the Google Calendar invite


Why do my busy times appear in wrong hours?

This is due to time zone differences between the Account time zone in your Google Calendar and the time zone on your Booking page. To change the time zone:

  • In OnceHub: Go to the Overview section in your Booking page, select the new time zone and save.
  • In Google Calendar: Click on Settings -> Calendar settings. At the top of the Google Calendar page, select the new time zone and save. 

Reload/refresh the OnceHub page to reflect the change.

Can I reassign a booking in Google Calendar?

No, this is not currently supported. If you wish to reassign a booking, you must do it through OnceHub. If both the original Booking owner and the Reassigned booking owner are connected to Google Calendar, the booking details will be automatically updated in Google Calendar.

What happens in Google Calendar if I reassign a booking from OnceHub?

If both the original and new Booking owner have connected their OnceHub accounts to their Google Calendar accounts, when you reassign a booking it will automatically be updated in Google Calendar. The event will be removed from the original Booking owner’s calendar and will be added to the Reassigned Booking owner’s calendar. The Customer will not be informed of the reassignment, ensuring a smooth Customer experience. Learn more about Booking reassignment

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