Going live with your bot

This article will describe how add your website in ChatOnce, customize your bot widget's display to match your website branding, and grab the relevant code to install the bot widget on your website.

Add your website to ChatOnce

You can maintain multiple websites in ChatOnce. You can have multiple landing pages and other pages on one website, under the same domain. You can identify multiple audiences for your website and use ChatOnce to engage with these audiences, using bots targeted to them and their behavior as they navigate through your website. 

Learn more about identifying and targeting audiences

You can add a website on the Websites page in ChatOnce. Once you add a website, you can identify the audiences on the Audiences page.

Figure 1: Add website

Customize your bot's widget display

You can customize the appearance of the widget you'll install on your website. It's easy to select exactly your exact preferences for the bot widget's color, icon, bot name, and more. 

Figure 2: Design your widget

You can match the bot widget's display to your website's branding. 

If you need to update the design later, just adjust it on the Display page in ChatOnce. The installed widget will update live on your website, with no further actions required on your backend.


It's simple to install ChatOnce on your website pages. When you do so, you create a link between ChatOnce and your website, allowing live updates to your bots and the widget display whenever you update something in ChatOnce. 

You can grab the code to install ChatOnce on the Installation page. 


If you've defined multiple websites in ChatOnce, be sure you've selected the right website with the right bots before grabbing code for it and pasting that code into your website. 

Install it yourself

If you're the admin on your website and have full access to its backend, you can copy the code yourself.

Select Install it yourself and hit Copy code. Paste the code in the header of all your website pages where you want the bot to appear, under the right circumstances.

Send to a teammate

If someone else manages your website, you can send them the code with instructions. 

Select Send to a teammate and hit Copy instructions. Email these instructions to the relevant team member. 

Add bot launch code to a link/button

Once you've installed the code, you can either allow the chatbot to present itself to customers based on your Audience targeting rules or provide them with a link or a button on a specific page. 

To add the bot launch code to a link or button, follow these steps:

1. Select the bot you want visitors to see when they click a link or button. 

2. Near the top right, select Bot launch code and copy the code. 

Figure 3: Copy the bot launch code

3. Paste the code wherever you like on your website. When a visitor clicks the relevant link or button, the chatbot will launch on that page. 


In order for the bot launch code to launch, you must have already installed ChatOnce on that page (see above step: Installation).

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