Does my User need an assigned license?

When you create a new User, you assign that User an account role: Member or Administrator. This determines their access levels, including for billing, advanced configuration, and reporting. Learn more

Next, you can determine whether you should assign them a license.

The only difference between Users with and without a scheduled meeting license is that those with a license can accept appointments through an enabled Booking page. Similarly, Users with a live engagement license can participate in live chat conversations and instant calls. 

Users without a license can do everything else in the account those with a license can do, according to their account role (Member or Administrator). 

With a paid subscription, you can create as many Users as your organization needs at no additional cost. However, you have a finite amount of licenses to assign them, according to your subscription. This allows you to create unlimited Users for your organization at no additional cost who can support your account through various roles


Users with a license

Any Users can receive bookings after you assign them a scheduled meeting license. Learn more

Once you've assigned them a scheduled meeting license, you can make them an Owner of an enabled Booking page and they can receive bookings through it. 

Similarly, any Users can participate in live chat conversations after you assign them a live chat license. 

Users without a license

Any User who has not been assigned a scheduled meeting license can do everything their role (Member or Administrator) allows them to do, except book appointments through an enabled Booking page or participate in live chat conversations. 

Your organization can have unlimited Users without a license assigned. 

This allows for a streamlined, cohesive process across your team. Everyone can access OnceHub to fulfill their role without extra cost, whether as a tech admin, virtual assistant, security admin, or more. 

Learn more on use cases for Users without licenses assigned

Seasonal Users

Seasonal Users are sometimes assigned a license and sometimes not, according to their organization's needs. 

If a team member only takes bookings or participates in live engagements seasonally and you wish to recycle their license, reassigning it to someone else, you can do so without deleting their Booking page or User profile. 

Once you unassign their scheduled meeting license, their Booking pages will be disabled automatically. You can then assign ownership of those Booking pages to someone else and re-enable the page. Alternatively, you can keep the page disabled, to be used in future, when it becomes relevant again. 

The original User's Booking page and User profile will stay in your account, ready for when you need to enable them again.

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