Deleting Users

This article explains how to delete Users from your account. Only OnceHub Administrators can delete Users.  

Deleting Users

  1. Sign into your OnceHub account.  Then, open the left sidebar and click Users.  
  2. To delete a User, click the action menu (three dots) next to the relevant User record and select Delete User profile (Figure 1). Figure 1: Users lobby
  3. The user will be deleted, except for the last Administrator with an assigned ScheduleOnce User license. 
    • When you have an active ScheduleOnce subscription, at least one User license must be assigned to an Administrator.
  4. Upon deletion, an email notification will be sent to both the User and all OnceHub Administrators. The User license of the deleted User is now unassigned.


When the User is the Owner of at least one ScheduleOnce Booking page, all Booking pages will be automatically transferred to the remaining OnceHub Administrator upon deletion. 

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