Deleting Users

This article explains how to delete Users from your account. Only OnceHub Administrators can delete Users.  

Before you delete, you should consider keeping that User in your account and just unassign their license. So long as you retain a paid subscription, your organization can have unlimited Users without a license assigned, at no additional cost. 

You also won't need to delete their Booking pages. When you unassign a scheduled meetings license, any owned pages will be disabled automatically. You can keep an unlimited number of disabled Booking pages for later use, without needing to recreate and reconfigure them once you're ready to enable them again.

Does my User need an assigned license? 

How to assign or unassign licenses to Users

Deleting Users

  1. In the top navigation menu, click on the gear icon → Users.  
  2. Click the action menu (three dots) next to the relevant User record and select Delete User profile (Figure 1) from the drop-down. 
    • To find a specific User, type their name into the Filter by User name box. This is useful if you have a large number of Users in your account.
    • You can also sort Users by name, role or assigned Licenses by clicking the arrow next to any of the fields. Figure 1: Users lobby
  3. The User will be deleted.  
    • When you have an paid subscription, at least one license must be assigned to a OnceHub Administrator. You cannot delete a User if they are the only Administrator with a license. 
  4. Upon deletion, an email notification will be sent to the deleted User and all OnceHub Administrators. The User license of the deleted User is now unassigned, and available to be assigned to another User.


When the deleted User is the Owner of at least one Booking page, all Booking pages will be automatically transferred to a remaining Administrator with a scheduled meetings license upon deletion.

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