Creating teams for live engagements

Using teams, your visitors speak only to Users with the right training and qualifications to assist them. OnceHub identifies the ideal person for them to chat with, based on who they are and the rules you set. 

You can add every User to one or multiple teams, and customize those teams based on your organization’s established workflows.

Your visitors engage with the person who can help them best and provide them with the answers they need, creating a positive customer experience right from the start.

Popular use cases

Routing to junior and senior teams

When OnceHub identifies a VIP prospect based on their past interactions with your company or the answers they've provided during this engagement, you can route those VIPs to a senior team fully equipped to handle significant and critical interactions. 

At the same time, you can route lower-stakes prospects to a more junior team. This ensures you're connecting all prospects with Users who can help them while distributing chats to your team efficiently. 

Regional and language matches

If you assign prospects to your team members by region, you can create a live chat team for each region. 

Likewise, you can create language-based teams so customers speaking a specific language can engage with a User who also speaks that language. 

Creating Teams

You can create new live engagement teams in your profile settings. Go to Account (gear icon in the bottom left) -> Teams.

Routing to a specific team 

You can add a Live chat action to your chatbot conversation at Chatbots specific chatbot Add interaction → Actions → Live chat

When you add the action, you can specify which team to use with the Broadcast to dropdown. Select the relevant team.

Image 1: Select team

If you have multiple teams, add multiple Live chat actions, each with its own team selected. Route to that team when relevant in the chatbot conversation. 

Route based on availability

You can route to live chat based on the availability of the live chat agents on your team. Simply go to the interaction right before you want to switch to live chat. 

In the Routing tab, and specify: If Team → select the relevant team, or if you don't wish to specify a team, select Everyone →   has At least one agent online. Define the interaction they should be taken to (usually a live chat interaction). 

You should also specify in another rule: If Team has No agents online. Define the interaction they should see in that case.

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