Configuring your Booking pages to use WebEx

ImportantThe ScheduleOnce connector for WebEx is only compatible with the Corporate WebEx Enterprise Edition site which features URL and XML APIs. If you are not sure which type of WebEx account you have, contact WebEx support to be sure you are using a compatible edition. Learn more

In this article, you will configure your Booking pages to use WebEx by editing the Location settings.

Let’s assume you are already connected to your WebEx account.

  1. From the Setup page, select a Booking page, and edit the Location settings.
  2. In the Meeting location step, select This is a virtual meeting.
  3. In the Who provides conferencing information? step, select Conferencing information is provided by the Owner (you).

    Since you are connected to WebEx, the WebEx option is available for your Booking pages. The ScheduleOnce connector for WebEx provides direct access to WebEx audio settings, allowing you to set audio connection options for each Booking page.

  4. From the Edit conferencing information step, select an audio connection option for your WebEx conferencing solution (See Figure 1).

    Note When you select WebEx Audio, you can choose to display to your Customers the WebEx Toll only or the WebEx Toll & Toll free option.

    Figure 1: WebEx settings
  5. Optional settings (See Figure 1):

    • Enter a WebEx password. Customers will be required to enter the password when launching the WebEx application at the time of the meeting.
    • Disable the WebEx Chat Panel. The Chat panel of the WebEx Meeting Center will not be available for your Customers and host.
  6. Click Save.

    Congratulations, you‘re done!

When a booking is made, WebEx session details are integrated with all ScheduleOnce notifications and a WebEx session will be automatically created.

Note When using Session packages, each session includes its unique web conferencing details:

  • Schedule and reschedule notification emails to the Customer include a Conferencing info link next to each selected time. When the Customer clicks on the link, the scheduling confirmation page opens as if a single booking was made, displaying the full booking details including the web conferencing information for the session.
  • Every reminder that the Customer receives includes the full booking details including the web conferencing information as if a single booking was made.
  • All calendar events for the Owner and Customer include the complete web conferencing information for each session.
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