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Live chat is a new feature. We are releasing it gradually to accounts. If you'd like to try live chat in your ChatOnce account, please contact us: 

If you want your high-quality leads to get in touch with you as soon as possible, live chat can provide the experience your visitors desire while reducing your time to engagement. 

Once you qualify visitors through the bot conversation, you can choose the right time to offer live chat to them. This way, people who meet your qualification criteria can engage with you immediately and move to the next level in your funnel. 

Add the Live chat action to your conversation

While you build your conversation, you can choose the right moment to route qualified visitors to a live chat conversation. 

Add the Live chat action to your conversation. 

Figure 1: Live chat example

Configure settings

Hand-off message: After they confirm they'd like to switch over to live chat, this message lets them know you're connecting them to someone on your team.

Timeout settings: Set a timeout period. After the amount of seconds defined, it will show the visitor a timeout message, explaining someone on your team isn't available. 

Advanced settings: If you'd like to gather the visitor's name and email before connecting them to a live chat, you can configure the messages they see requesting these details.  

Assign live chat conversations to your team

Any licensed ChatOnce Users in your account can assign themselves to a live chat conversation. 

We recommend all your team members allow browser notifications so they will be sure to see all incoming chats. 

Until one User accepts a conversation, it is available for any User currently accepting chats. Once they accept the conversation, it will no longer be available to others in your account.

If no team member accepts a chat by the defined timeout period, that chat will disappear from the live chat inbox. The visitor will see your configured timeout message. So your team can take further action, the contact and their conversation can be accessed from the Activity stream. 

Ending chat

A team member can end the chat at any point, once they determine the conversation is ready to be resolved. 

Please note that if the visitor is idle for ten minutes, the chat ends automatically. You can view the conversation in the Activity stream. 

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