Receiving chat notifications

As you build your conversation, you may add questions or other interactions that are significant to someone on your team. For instance, the visitor reached a certain part of the conversation or answered a question with a specific answer that indicates they're qualified for further sales action on your end, even if they don't book with you during the conversation. 

You can add internal email notifications at any point in the conversation, so the right people stay updated on your new lead and their engagement with you. The email alert action is 100% internal to your team. Your visitors will not see this interaction on their end and they will not receive any notifications from it.

1. Identify which interactions need an email notification. 

This may be a critical qualification interaction, such as team size or a specific product they're interested in learning more about.

2. On the Routing tab, create routing logic to that email alert

For each relevant interaction, you can add a rule that routes the conversation to the email alert action. For instance, you can send an email whenever a visitor reaches that interaction in the conversation, or you can send it only if they answer a certain way. 

3. Create the email alert action

You can create this action from the routing tab (Then route to +Create new interaction) on the previous step or simply create it by dragging a new email alert action into the conversation. 

Be sure you route to the next step on the Routing tab so the visitor has a seamless experience. 

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