Primary team members

Each Dynamic rule you create in a Rule-based assignment Master page, must have a Primary team member. The Primary team member is the member who receives the booking. You can define a Primary team member either by specifying a Booking page or by specifying a Resource pool. If you choose a Resource pool as the Primary team member, bookings will be assigned to a Booking page within the Resource pool according to the pool's distribution method.

If your Dynamic rule also includes Additional team members, the meeting then becomes a Panel meeting. In the case of a panel meeting, the primary team member owns the calendar event and determines settings including the location, the booking form, the post-scheduling flow, notifications and third-party integrations. 

How to select a Primary team member

  1. Go to Setup and click on the Plus button in the Master page pane. The New Master page pop-up appears. (See Figure 1)Figure 1: New Master page pop-up 
  1. Fill in the details of your Master page in the pop-up. For the scenario, select Rule-based assignment. Click Save & Edit.
  2. Go to the Assignment section of the Master page. In the Rule types section, select Dynamic. 
  3. In the Event-based rules section, click Add rule. Select the Event types that you want to offer in your Master page. 
  4. Under Primary team member, choose a Booking page or Resource pool from the dropdown. You can only select one Primary team member.
  5. You are all set! The Event type in your Master page now has a Primary team member. If your Master page includes multiple Event types, you can select a different Primary team member for each one.

NoteThe existing associations between Booking pages and Event types do not matter. Any Booking page can be selected as a Primary team member to provide any Event type.

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