Delegation setup: Office 365 or Outlook Web App (OWA)

This is a User step-by-step guide to set up delegation in your Office 365 or Outlook Web App (OWA) as part of a corporate connection to Exchange. Follow these steps only when instructed to do so by your Exchange administrator, because they need to make some organization-level changes before you begin to delegate.

Delegation means that you permit a dedicated Exchange mailbox to create and manage events on your behalf. You must delegate if your organization is using Exchange integration in Delegation mode. If you are using Outlook client, see Outlook client delegation guide instead.

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 account and navigate to your calendar.
  2. Select your main calendar in the list on the left and click Share button at the top (Figure 1).
    Outlook web app delegate accessFigure 1: Select your main calendar
  3. Search for the OnceHub dedicated mailbox, created by your administrator (Figure 2).
    how to delegate access in outlook 365 web
    Figure 2: Search Directory
  4. Select Delegate in the drop-down list and click Send button at the top (Figure 3).
    outlook web app delegate access
    Figure 3: Select Delegate

That's it - you are done! Your calendar is delegated to the dedicated Exchange mailbox, and connected to OnceHub.

How can I set the “From” address for delegate meeting invitations?

To set the “From” address for delegate Exchange folders, an Exchange administrator can set “Send on Behalf” and “Send As” permissions for a delegated Exchange mailbox.

  • Send on Behalf allows the delegate to select the delegator’s account in the From field. The recipient of the meeting invitation will see the following in the From field: "From: Mailbox <delegate's address> on behalf of Mailbox <your address>". "Send on Behalf" permissions can also be set by a delegator in Outlook by selecting File->Info->Account Settings-> Delegate Access->  and select the delegate and set all Folders to None.
  • Send As allows the delegate to send invitations that appear to come from the delegator.

Manage delegation permissions

If you need to modify your delegation permissions, right-click your calendar and select Permissions (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Select Permissions from the drop-down menu

In the Permissions window, you can modify permissions levels and remove users (Figure 5). Remember to click Save when done.

Figure 5: Modify permissions or remove users

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