Do my Users need to sign into OnceHub to receive bookings?

With most calendar configurations, your Users need to sign into OnceHub in order to receive scheduled bookings. This is because they must connect their calendar to OnceHub, using their credentials. 

However, if your organization uses our Exchange calendar integration with corporate connection, it's possible to arrange for new Users to receive bookings with no involvement on their end. We call these 'passive users.'

Although they receive an invite when the admin creates their new User in OnceHub, they can ignore this. Organizations find that allowing for passive users reduces the effort involved to start scheduling for their team and increases adoption. 

Arranging bookings for passive users

1. Delegate their calendar to the dedicated mailbox

It's possible for an Exchange admin to configure delegation of calendars to the dedicated mailbox, without involving the individual Users. However, if you do not prefer this method, the individual Users will need to delegate their main calendar to the dedicated mailbox themselves. 

Delegation instructions for individual Users:
Delegating in Office 365 and Outlook Web App (OWA) 
or Delegating in Outlook client

Learn more about how the Exchange corporate connection works

2. Add their User profile 

To add the new User profile, in the top navigation menu, select the gear icon → Users. Learn more

3. Assign a scheduled meetings license 

Assign the new User a scheduled meetings license by going to their profile and accessing the Overview section. Learn more

4. Assign ownership of Booking page(s) to the User

Once you've created their Booking page(s), you can assign ownership to the User. 

Setup complete

You're set! The new User can now receive bookings through their Booking page(s). They receive all relevant notifications to their profile's email address and the bookings appear in their connected calendar.

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