Which Office 365 edition is required to connect with OnceHub?

To be able to connect OnceHub to your Office 365 Calendar, you must have a calendar in Outlook on the web for business, which is provided with Exchange Online. Exchange Online is available as a standalone service, or you can get it as part of an Office 365 plan.

ImportantIf you go for an Office 365 plan, make sure to get Office 365 Business Essentials or Office 365 Business Premium. Note that Office 365 Business does not come with Exchange Online.

Verifying your account compatibility

The easiest way to verify that you have an appropriate account is by logging into your Office 365 account and clicking All apps (Figure 1).
Figure 1: All apps

Then, make sure that Calendar is listed in your apps (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Calendar in the Office 365 account app page

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