Connecting and configuring your Google Calendar

In this article, you will learn how to connect and configure your OnceHub account with your Google Calendar. 

Connecting to Google Calendar

  1. Click on your profile image or initials in the top right corner and select Calendar connection. Alternatively, you can go to the left sidebar and select Profile -> Calendar connection. 
  2. The Calendar connection page will open. 
  3. Click the Connect button next to the Google Calendar section.Figure 1: Calendar connection 
  4. A popup window will appear asking you to choose an account to connect to OnceHub. Select the correct account and confirm the connection. 
    • If you are using InviteOnce, you will now be able to begin scheduling meetings by clicking the Schedule a meeting button in the What's next? section.
    • If you are using ScheduleOnce, you have the option to configure the ScheduleOnce advanced integration settings. You can also click the Continue setup button in the What's next  section to access more options in ScheduleOnce.

Configuring ScheduleOnce advanced settings

ScheduleOnce allows you to cancel or reschedule bookings without leaving your personal calendar. By enabling the ScheduleOnce advanced integration settings (Figure 2), changes made in your connected calendar are reflected in ScheduleOnce. Learn more about canceling or rescheduling in Google Calendar

Figure 2: ScheduleOnce advanced integration settings

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