Unassigning User licenses

You can unassign a license from a User at any time. Licenses can be unassigned in the Personal details section of each User's profile. 

When you unassign a product User license from a User, they will lose some functionality in that product. However, they will retain access and a significant amount of functionality. For instance, any User who has not been assigned a ScheduleOnce license can do everything their role (Member or Administrator) allows them to do, except book appointments through an enabled Booking page. 

So long as you retain a paid subscription (minimum 3 product licenses), your organization can have unlimited Users without a product license assigned. This allows for a streamlined, cohesive process across your team. Everyone can access OnceHub to fulfill their role without extra cost, whether as a tech admin, virtual assistant, security admin, or more.

Does my User need an assigned product license? 

Use cases for Users without licenses assigned

Effects of unassigning a license

  • When you have an active ScheduleOnce subscription, at least one ScheduleOnce User license must be assigned to a OnceHub Administrator in order to keep the subscription active. If there is only one OnceHub Administrator with an assigned ScheduleOnce User license, their license cannot be unassigned. 
  • If you unassign a User license from a User who is the Owner of at least one ScheduleOnce Booking page, all of their Booking pages will be disabled. If you'd like to keep the Booking page(s) enabled for another User, we recommend changing the ownership of associated Booking page(s) before unassigning a license.

Requirements for unassigning User licenses

To unassign User licenses, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.  

Unassigning User licenses

  1. Sign in to your OnceHub Account.
  2. Open the left navigation bar and click Users
  3. Select the specific User that you would like to unassign a license from.
  4. In the Personal details section of the User's profile, click the Unassign license button underneath the relevant product (Figure 1).
    Figure 1: Unassign a license
  5. The license will be unassigned and the User will no longer have access to the product. The license is added back to the pool and is available to be assigned to another User.
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