Profile: Permissions

The Permissions section allows OnceHub Administrators to manage product-specific permissions for their own profile and for other Users. You can access the permissions section from your User profile.

Administrators can assign permissions to any User, whether they have assigned them a license or not.

  • Booking pages setup: When this checkbox is enabled, Members can create Booking pages. By default, OnceHub Administrators can always create new Booking pages. Learn more
  • User availability: When a User updates their Scheduled meeting availability or Live chat availability, this can be reflected on all relevant Booking pages, chatbots, and forms. This permission allows Users to set their own availability, rather than having an admin control it. Learn more 
  • Payment integration: This permission requires an active connection to your PayPal account. When connected, you can collect payments for bookings and automatically trigger refunds upon cancellations. When this checkbox is enabled, the User will also be able to process refunds manually from within the Activity stream. Learn more
  • Zapier integration: By default, Users can only trigger Zaps from Booking pages they own. This permission enables a OnceHub Administrator to trigger Zaps from any Booking page. To use the Zapier integration, you must connect to Zapier. Learn more
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