Profile: Scheduled meeting availability

When you update your Scheduled meeting availability, all the Booking pages you own can reflect this. 

By default, all new Booking pages use the Booking page owner’s profile availability and time zone. 


You can update your Scheduled meeting availability by selecting your profile picture or initials in the top right-hand corner → Profile settingsAvailabilityScheduled meetings.

Should I use Scheduled meeting availability or Booking page availability? 

Differences and benefits

User availabilityBooking page availability
Where do I update my availability?In one place, no matter how many Booking pages you own. Update once and it affects all of them.On each Booking page you own where Scheduled meeting availability is toggled OFF for that Booking page. Each Booking page must be updated individually.

Located on the relevant Booking page -> Recurring availability OR Date-specific availability -> Use Booking page owner’s date-specific availability and time zone.
How do I enter my availability?Recurring availability: Use the check-box to select days of the week and the drop-down time ranges on your profile's Availability page.

Date-specific overrides: Add an exception, select the specific date from the calendar, and specify whether you are unavailable or available for that that exception to your rules.

Use the click-and-drag visual editor on the Booking page's Recurring availability and/or Date-specific availability sections to specify the exact days you are available for meetings.

Setting unique availability for an individual Booking page

You may wish to take advantage of Scheduled meeting availability while still maintaining an individual Booking page with unique availability to that Booking page, different from your Scheduled meeting availability. 

In that case, for the exception to your rules specific to that Booking page, go to the relevant Booking page -> Recurring availability and/or Date-specific availability section -> Select Set recurring availability / date-specific availability for this booking page only.

Recurring availability

When to use recurring availability

Update your Scheduled meeting recurring availability whenever your general availability changes. This availability is on a per-day basis; for instance, every Monday, every Tuesday, etc.

Increments are on a 15-minute basis. For instance, you can start or end your availability on the hour, or on 15, 30, or 45 minutes after the hour.

How to edit date-specific exceptions

Make sure the day you're changing is selected or deselected, depending on whether you're available that day each week. 

If selected, specify the relevant hours you're available for that day.

Date-specific exceptions

When to use date-specific exceptions

You can create an exception for your recurring availability whenever your standard availability deviates from the norm. For instance, you're usually available 9AM-5PM every Monday, but on February 15 you're taking the day off for your birthday and on February 22 you have a doctor's appointment.

How to edit date-specific exceptions

Let's take the examples above. Create an exception by selecting the Add a date override button. 

Select the relevant day(s) and times you want to create a date override. 

Changing your User’s availability on their behalf 

If you are an admin, you can update any User's availability on their behalf. This allows you to control which time slots show on their Booking page without their involvement. There is no need for them to sign into OnceHub or update anything.

To update availability for all the Booking pages they own, in the top navigation menu, select the gear icon → Users → select the relevant User. In the left-hand menu, under their profile (for example, Profile: Jane Doe), select Scheduled meeting availability.

Keep in mind that their scheduled meeting availability on their profile will only be updated for booking page where no recurring or date specific availability have been set


Although OnceHub looks at Scheduled meeting availability by default, keep in mind that if the Booking page they own uses Booking page availability instead, this will override their Scheduled meeting availability.

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