Profile: Date and time section

In the Date and time section, you can define the default time zone applied to all OnceHub User apps, and the date and time settings that are applied to the ScheduleOnce User app.  You can access the Date and time section from your User profile.

Editing your Date and Time settings  

  1. Sign in to your OnceHub account. 
  2. In the left navigation bar, click on My profile.  
  3. Select the Date and time tab.
    Figure 1: Date and time section 
  4. Select the Default time zone for both ScheduleOnce and ChatOnce apps.

    NoteIn ScheduleOnce, The default time zone will be applied to all newly created Booking pages owned by the User. Existing Booking pages will remain unchanged. Learn more about the Booking page time zone settings

  5. Select the date and time settings applied to the ScheduleOnce User app:
    • Date format:  You can choose between mm/dd and dd/mm formats.
    • Time format:  You can choose between AM/PM or 24hr time format.
    • Week start day: By default, Sunday is the week start day.

      NoteThese settings only apply to the ScheduleOnce User app. ScheduleOnce Customer-facing settings are in the Localization editor.

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