How to connect ScheduleOnce to Zoom

In this article, you will learn how to connect to your Zoom account.

  1. Go to Setup and click Conferencing integration in the left side bar.
  2. Click the Zoom Connect button to open Zoom in a new window (see Figure 1).
  3. Enter your Zoom email and password in the Zoom authentication window. Your credentials are known to Zoom only, and are never stored in ScheduleOnce, thanks to our secure OAuth connection.
  4. When your credentials are approved, you are redirected back to the ScheduleOnce Web conferencing integration page. If your credentials are declined, you must close the Zoom window, click Cancel connection attempt in ScheduleOnce, and restart the connection process by clicking the Connect button again. Figure 1: Connecting to Zoom

Congratulations! You are now connected to your Zoom account. Next, you can configure your Booking pages to use Zoom.

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