What are the different calendar connection options?

In this article, you'll learn about the differences between the various OnceHub calendar integrations

OnceHub connects to your personal calendar in real time. Busy time is automatically retrieved and bookings are created directly in your calendar. OnceHub has calendar integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and iCloud Calendar.

Integration differences

There are some minor differences between the different calendar integrations, which are detailed in the tables below. 

NoteOutlook Calendar can be connected to OnceHub in different ways. See the column according to the method you chose to connect with.

Booking pagesGoogle Calendar
Office 365 Calendar via OAuth 2.0
iCloud Calendar
Main and sub-calendarsYesYesYes
Shared calendarsYesYes, if expressly shared with youYes
Booking in Additional calendarsYes, as event guestYes, on a separate eventYes, on a separate event
Resource calendarsYes, G Suite resources are fully supported for both resource scheduling and conditional booking
NoDoesn't exist in iCloud
Cancel or reschedule by the UserYes, in the Activity stream OR directly in Google Calendar
Yes, in the Activity streamYes, in the Activity stream
Booking reassignmentYes, in the Activity streamNoNo
Corporate connectionYes, using G Suite
Real time connectionYesYesYes
AuthenticationOAuth 2.0OAuth 2.0Apple ID and app-specific password
Secure connectionEncryptedEncryptedEncrypted

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