Connecting to Webex Meetings

In this article, you will learn how to connect to your Webex Meetings account. 

  1. Select your profile picture or initials in the top right-hand corner → Profile settings → Video conferencing.
  2. Enter your Webex Meetings user name, password, and domain  and click Connect (See Figure 1). When your credentials are approved, you are redirected to the video conferencing integration page.

    Figure 1: Connect to Webex Meetings

Follow the instructions to log into your Webex Meetings account.

Congratulations! You are connected.

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Connection error

If you see a Connection error pop-up message, there are two main reasons this may happen. 

Figure 2: Connection error

1. You have a free Webex Meetings account. 

In this case, please log in with your Webex Meetings credentials. 

Figure 3: Webex Meetings credentials

2. Your Webex Meetings administrator may not have enabled third-party authentication for your account. 

In this case, please reach out to them so they can enable these permissions for your Webex Meetings account.

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