Connecting ScheduleOnce to WebEx

Important The ScheduleOnce connector for WebEx is only compatible with the Corporate WebEx Enterprise Edition site which features URL and XML APIs. If you are not sure which type of WebEx account you have, contact WebEx support to be sure you are using a compatible edition. Learn more

In this article, you will learn how to connect to your WebEx account. 

  1. Go to Setup, open the left side bar, and select Integrations -> Conferencing integration.
  2. Enter your WebEx user name, password, domain and site ID and click Connect (See Figure 1). When your credentials are approved, you are redirected to the ScheduleOnce Web conferencing integration page.

    NoteWebEx integration does not support single sign-on (SSO) authentication. You must use your WebEx-specific credentials to connect.

    Figure 1: Connect to WebEx


    Congratulations! You are connected to your WebEx account.

    Next, configure your Booking pages to use WebEx. Learn more


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