Assigning licenses to Users

In order for a User to enjoy full functionality of a OnceHub product, they must be assigned a product User license. For instance, in ScheduleOnce, a licensed User can be defined as Owner of an enabled Booking page and receive bookings. 

Please note they can still use all other functionality in OnceHub and within all products without a license.

Does my User need an assigned license? 

You're able to assign a license when you first add a User to your account. 

If you already added them as a User, you can assign a license to them in the Personal details section of their profile. 


To assign a license, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.  

Assigning licenses

  1. Sign in to your OnceHub Account.  
  2. In the left sidebar, click Users.  
  3. Add a new User or select the specific User that you would like to assign a license to.
  4. In the Profile -> Personal details section of the selected User's profile, you can see the following information:
    • If the User has been assigned a product license or not.
    • How many licenses you have in your account.
    • How many licenses from the pool have been assigned.
    • How many licenses are still available to be assigned.
  5. Click the Assign license button beneath the relevant product (Figure 1). If a license is available, it will be automatically assigned to the User.
    Figure 1: Assign license
  6. Once a User has been assigned a license, they will be able to enjoy full functionality for the assigned product.


If you have a monthly subscription and you've already assigned all User licenses to other Users, you can purchase a single User license as part of the license assignment process.

When you click the Assign license button, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to purchase and assign a new license. When you click the Purchase and assign license button, the license is immediately assigned to the User and automatically added to your OnceHub subscription.

  • You won't pay for this license immediately. On your next billing date, you will pay a prorated amount for the User license you've just added. The prorated amount will be added to your next recurring invoice. 
  • Once a User has been assigned a license, they will be able to begin scheduling.
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