Assigning a conversation to an owner

On the Assignment page, you define who you'll assign the conversations for all chatbots on your website..

There are three options for distributing the conversation assignment:

  • If you offer scheduling, you can assign the conversation to the team member receiving the booking
  • Assign to one team member out of multiple selected, based on round robin distribution
  • Assign to a specific team member

What happens when a conversation is assigned? 

Filtering the Activity stream

After assigning a conversation, it will show up under the assigned team member's My activity filter in the Activity stream. 

Figure 1: My activity filter

Contact owner

If the visitor is new (based on email address provided), the assigned team member will be assigned as that contact's owner in OnceHub.

Learn more about contacts 

Assignment options

When assigning a conversation to a team member, you can select either a single user or multiple users. 

If you select multiple users on your team, OnceHub will assign the conversations based on round robin distribution. 

If you're offering scheduling in your conversation, you can also opt always to assign the conversation to the booking owner (the person receiving the booking). This will override the other team member selection(s) made on the Assignment page. 

How to configure

At Chatbots → Targeted chatbot settings → Assignment, select the User(s) you want to be assigned a conversation.

Figure 2: Select User(s) to receive chatbot conversations

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