Profile: Email notifications section

The Email notifications section allows you to control the settings for Email notifications sent to both the User and the Customer. You can access the Email notifications section from your User profile

Figure 1: Email notifications section

Email notifications to the User

  • Emails sent from:  This controls the sending name and email address for all generated emails sent to the User.
  • Emails sent to: This controls the email address where the User receives OnceHub generated emails. By default, User email notifications are sent to the email address that the User used to sign in to their OnceHub account (sign-in ID).

You can also decide whether or not you would like to be sent emails with news and product announcements from OnceHub by checking or unchecking the box. We recommend keeping the box checked as emails are typically used to announce new features and product releases. Find out what's new in our latest release

Email Notifications to the Customer

  • Sent from email: All OnceHub generated emails sent to Customers will be sent from this email.
  • Sent from name: This is the name that appears in the "From" field in Customer email notifications. By default, the email name label will be the User's name entered when the account was created.
  • Customer replies sent to: Any replies to Customer email notifications will be sent to this address. By default, this email address is the same as the email you will receive notifications to. This email can be changed if you want replies sent to a different address. 


Email from you domain can only be applied to OnceHub email notifications. Learn more about sending emails from your domain

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