Which WebEx edition is required to connect with ScheduleOnce?

To be able to connect ScheduleOnce to your WebEx account, you must have a Corporate WebEx Meetings Enterprise site which features URL and XML APIs. If you are not sure which type of WebEx account you have, contact WebEx support to be sure you are using a compatible edition.

The easiest way to verify you have the right account is by logging into your WebEx account and taking a look at your site’s information. 


WebEx integration does not support single sign-on (SSO) authentication. You must use your WebEx-specific credentials to connect. 

The Site Type should be Enterprise Site, and within the list of Available Site Features you should see a tick by the URL API and XML API (See Figure 1 and Figure 2 below).

ScheduleOnce is only compatible with WebEx meetings. Unfortunately, the integration isn't compatible with WebEx event, training or support center.

Figure 1: WebEx Site Type

Figure 2: WebEx Available Site Features

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