Step 2: Which product is right for me?

Once you’ve signed up for a OnceHub account, you have the option of using one or both of our scheduling products: ScheduleOnce and InviteOnce

With ScheduleOnce, you create generic configurations for your scheduling which you can share with your Customers as a generic booking link, or as a one-time link that is good for one booking only. Interested prospects can instantly pick a time to meet for a discovery call, a product demo, or any other meeting.

With InviteOnce, you can instantly create meeting-specific configurations. You can either let your prospects self-schedule via a one-time link or you can schedule on their behalf.

Figure 1: Configuration and Link type

Below are a few guidelines to help you choose the product that is right for you.

When should I choose ScheduleOnce?

Do you need to accept bookings from prospects who are not yet known to you? With ScheduleOnce, prospects will be making a booking and filling out a booking form with any information you wish to collect, creating a new lead with a scheduled booking in one go.

Can a few generic scheduling configurations serve all your prospects? ScheduleOnce allows you to define a range of generic scheduling configurations in the form of Event types. Once these configurations are defined, bookings will flow into your Team members' calendars without requiring any further action on your part.

When should I choose InviteOnce?

Do you have specific requirements when scheduling each meeting? InviteOnce allows you to offer customizable, personalized scheduling for individual prospects or Customers. Once your unique meeting requirements have been defined, you can either send your Customer a link to self-schedule or schedule on their behalf

Do you need to coordinate meetings for specific Team members? InviteOnce allows you to coordinate prospect and Customer meetings for other Team members in your organization. You will be in a coordinator-only role without attending the meeting.

Do you need to schedule while on the phone with a prospect or Customer? InviteOnce is designed specifically for this use case with its Schedule on behalf functionality.

Do you need complete control over each booking? InviteOnce allows you to decide who can schedule with your team. Prospects need to receive your invitation before they can schedule. The invitation can only be used once, allowing you to maintain full control.

Other differences between ScheduleOnce and InviteOnce

 ScheduleOnce InviteOnce
Gives you the ability to predefine multiple, generically configured meeting types for all of your Customers.Gives you the flexibility to define specific meeting requirements on a per meeting basis.
Offers a low barrier to scheduling in order to maximize meeting throughput. Customers can book multiple meetings across multiple meeting types.Offers protection from unwanted or repeat bookings with the use of one-time booking links.
Scheduling is always done by selecting a time slot on a web page.Scheduling can be done by selecting a time slot in the body of the email invitation or on a web page.

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