What are the different Microsoft Calendar connection options?

ScheduleOnce integrates with all Microsoft Calendar variations: Outlook, Office 365, Exchange and Outlook.com.

Each integration slightly differs, as explained in the following comparison table:


 Exchange and Outlook
Office 365 and Outlook
Standalone Outlook client
Supported versionsOn-premises Exchange, Exchange online and Office 365Both in the browser and as Outlook client
Outlook client with or without an online account
Supported devicesPC, Mac and mobilePC, Mac and mobilePC, Mac and mobilePC only
Connection methodExchange Web Services (EWS)The new REST APIExchange Web Services (EWS)Proprietary PC connector for Outlook
Main and sub-calendars
Shared calendarsYesNot yet (coming soon)YesYes, if shared with full read/write permissions
Resource calendars
Not yet (coming soon)Not yet (coming soon)Do not existYes, Exchange resources are supported for resource scheduling
Corporate connectionYes, on request
Yes, on request
Real-time connectionYesYesYesYes, when PC is on
AuthenticationCredentialsOAuth2.0CredentialsSecurity token
Secure connectionEncrypted
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